As a professional dog trainer, formerly in W. Los Angeles, I have now relocated to Roswell GA, outside Atlanta.  I am a big believer in positive reinforcement dog training, as I've seen the results.  It makes learning fun - if you have something they want, they will work for you! 

Whether you have a new puppy or rescue, you're adding a new member to the current pack, or have an already existing member of the family, dog training provides countless rewards.  It builds a bond between you and your dog, builds confidence for human and dog alike, and encourages peace, trust, respect and understanding in the household.

One important foundation for a balanced dog is to socialize your dog / puppy as much as possible - this can help avoid some issues such as aggression, guarding, fear, stress, and anxiety. Introduce him/her to as many people, places, other dogs, sounds and noises, etc. as possible.

Dogs need, and love, to use their minds. Training a dog to know the rules and boundaries of the home can start you on your way to making the home a much happier place.  As a dog trainer, I can give you the tools to train a dog with positive training techniques, making learning fun for everyone.  I am here to help guide you and give you the proper tools to do so.

Private Classes

 Jill G. uses positive reinforcement dog training techniques, and is now located in Roswell, GA. Training dogs can be fun and most rewarding. 

From basic obedience (sit, stay, down, come, leave-it, jumping and off, loose leash walking, wait, bring-it and drop-it, etc.), more advanced dog training, learning to combat behavioral issues, to fun tricks and games, I am confident your dog will not only be able and willing to train, but have fun doing so.

K-9 Nose work training available.  Really fun, great sport for those dogs who love to work and/or use their nose, without being a search-and-rescue dog.  

As a dog trainer, I offer both private and group classes. Whether basic obedience or more advanced training is required, Jill G. can cover all the bases. I tailor each program to fit your needs, and show you how to reinforce and maintain these behaviors throughout the life of the dog. Please contact me to discuss your issues and needs, and we will set up the proper program for you.

Many dogs benefit from group classes – they have some social time, learn to focus with other dogs present, learn obedience, tricks and games, and we can conquer any potential or existing behavioral issues. Puppies benefit greatly from group classes, as well as dogs that need some social skills.

In most cases, I can notice potential issues before you realize it's an issue, making them simpler to tackle and correct. Feel free to contact me through this website.

I feel privileged to be able to work with dogs every day. Having a well trained dog can bring countless rewards and enrichment to our lives – and let's face it – a lot of laughter. Hope to see you in class soon, so you too, can experience the absolute joy from your furry family member. Having a well behaved, happy, obedient dog makes for a happy human. Just remember to bring your sense of humor...

Pricing:  $75 per hour (within 10 mile radius);  $85 per hour outside 10-mile radius

Series of 6 private classes - $400

Series of 6 group classes - $300