I believe I was born an animal lover, and can't imagine a life without my four-legged companions. I've been raising Dobermans for 20 years. The joy, love and continuous laughter they bring to my life is undeniable. They also provide me with a seemingly never-ending source of inspiration.

I am Jill Gorelick (Jill G.), a professional dog trainer and inventor, residing in Roswell, GA. Recently relocating from West Los Angeles, I'm building a new client base here in Roswell, and surrounding areas.  I've got hundreds of happy clients, and look forward to bringing my expertise to the southeast.  

These pages provide the information for both positive reinforcement dog training, and the only elevated dog bowls on the market that are fully adjustable - the AdjustaBowlâ„¢ Dog Feeding System, formerly known as the Jazzy Diner. It's the only raised / elevated pet feeder on the market where all dog bowls can be individually added and adjusted to fit your pack's needs.  

I have been using AdjustaBowlâ„¢ Dog Feeding System for years now, and it has not only made our lives easier, but less cluttered, and looks great in your kitchen. Check out the product page here.

As a dog trainer, I offer both private and group classes, and train with positive reinforcement techniques. Whether basic obedience or more advanced training is required, Jill G. can cover all the bases. See the training page for more information

Welcome to Jill G., and I look forward to making your lives easier, and more peaceful.